Pacquiao KOs Hatton in second round

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Las Vegas Nevada-- People's champ Manny Pacquiao scored a sensational second round knock out victory over Ricky Hatton last May 03, 2009, decking the Brit three times during their "Battle of East and West" superfight at the MGM Grand Arena.

Pacquiao floored the Hitman twice in the first round before ending the fight with a hard left to the jaw that sent Hatton sprawling to the canvass. Referee Kenny Bayless looked at the unmoving Hatton and waved his hands to end the fight.

The fight ended 2 minutes, 59 seconds into the second round.

"I didn't realize it would be a short fight. That was my strategy, left hook and right hook, that was going to be the key to this fight. I expected my right hook to be dangerous for him," Pacquiao said in the post-fight interview.

The win is Pacquiao's 49th victory in 54 fights and garnered the Filipino champ Hatton's International Boxing Organization 140-lb crown as well as The Ring Magazine junior welterweight championship.

Hatton floored twice in Round 1

Both fighters immediately went down to business at the start of Round 1, with Hatton resorting to his clinching tactics.

Pacquiao tagged Hatton with a right hook to the face less than a minute remaining in the first round, decking the Brit for the first time since his fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Although wobbly, Hatton got up but was again welcomed with a barrage from Pacquiao.

The Filipino threw a left straight to the head, flooring Hatton for the second time just 10 seconds remaining in Round 1.

Hatton survived to fight in the second.

In the opening of Round 2, Hatton came out strong. He rattled Pacquiao a bit but the Filipino was able to escape the attack.

With seconds remaining in the round, Pacquiao landed a perfect left hook to Hatton's jaw that toppled the Brit like freshly-cut timber. The knockdown prompted referee Kenny Bayless to stop the fight and hand the TKO victory to Pacquiao.

Compubox stats show Pacquiao landing 73 out of 127 punches. The "slower" Hatton was only able to land 18 out of 78.

Pacquiao won the IBO and the Ring Magazine junior welterwight titles. He also became the lineal champion of the the 140-pound division.

"I'm surprised the fight is kind of easy. He can punch, he has a strong left hand," said Pacquiao in

"I'm satisfied, I'm always trying my best inside the ring. I can fight anybody, I hope everybody's happy," he added.

"I can fight anybody"

Pacquiao's victory also punctuated his coach Freddie Roach's prediction that Manny would knockout Hatton in three rounds.

"The Pacman" also revealed the new technique he brought with him into the ring. "My right hook is gonna be dangerous," he said.

Roach noted that he and Manny worked on the new "right hook" strategy everyday with the aim of leaving Hatton wide open for a right hook.

"I'm satisfied," said Manny of his short and sweet victory. "Nothing personal, I'm just doing my job."

When asked if he would like to fight Floyd Mayweather, Jr. should the latter defeat Juan Manuel Marquez in July, Pacquiao said, "I can fight anybody."

Roach, for his part, said that a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight would be between the "two best fighters." He added that the fans would surely want to see such a fight materialize.