1,000 jobs available for Pinoy seamen daily

  Posted by Admin on 10th of June 2009 06:45 pm                           Source Information: GMANEWS.TV

MANILA, Philippines--Emphasizing the resiliency of the maritime industry, an officer of a seamen’s hub said an average of 1,000 jobs await Filipino seafarers daily.

“Over the last two years, the global maritime industry’s choice for Filipino seafarers continues and it will never face a bleak future if you look into the official running count of available jobs being offered to them everyday," Giovanni Z. Lopez, vice president of the Luneta Seafarer’s Center, said in a statement.

Ship owners need several Filipino skippers, marine deck officers, chief engineers, cooks, stewards, and other maritime crew, he said, adding more seafarers would be needed until 2012 as new vessels are continuously being built.

The “surging vacancies" in these foreign vessels, he said, underscore the country’s position as the biggest source of maritime manpower in the global market.

To maximize this opportunity, Lopez said the Luneta Seafarer’s Center has been holding daily jobs fairs at their office on the sidewalk of T.M. Kalaw Ave., near Rizal Park in Manila.

The Center provides a variety of services to seafarers in the area including dormitories, 112 manning and shipping information booths, medical missions, and free legal advice.

It also houses satellite offices of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, Maritime Industry Authority, and the Professional Regulation Commission.

“These government agencies directly concerned with the welfare of Filipino seafarers have played a major role towards our goal of making Luneta a one-stop center for all the needs of our seafarers," said Lopez.

He said the center’s on-the-spot hiring program gets an average of 600 Filipino seamen hired everyday.

According to the Department of Labor and Employment, the Philippines supplies one-third of the world’s shipping manpower with about 270,000 Filipino seafarers employed by foreign maritime agencies.