12,000 jobs available to Filipino seamen despite crisis this year

  Posted by Admin on 30th of January 2009 03:00 pm                           Source Information: GmaNews.tv

MANILA, Philippines - Filipino seafarers won’t run out of jobs despite warnings by economists that the worst year for migrant workers has arrived.

United Filipino Seafarers (UFS) president Nelson Ramirez said the Filipinos’ untarnished reputation could easily secure them the global shipping fleet’s demand of 12,000 seafarers until 2012.

While other businesses like export-dependent industries are on the brink of collapse due to the US-led economic crisis, Ramirez maintained that the shipping sector is resilient.

“It’s impossible to be jobless (in the shipping industry)," Ramirez said in an interview on Tuesday.

Even if some foreign vessels reduce their trips this year due to the slowing down of world trade, affected seafarers could be easily absorbed by new vessels that would be built up until 2012, he said.

Aside from the 12,000 shortage, Ramirez foresees an additional 140,000 new maritime jobs that would be made available once the new bottoms or vessels are ready to sail.

The new commissioned international vessels will require at least 15 to 23 crews each, including the ship captain, said Ramirez.