Posted by Admin on 30th of January 2009 02:40 pm                                   Source Information: UFS.PH

MANILA, January 28 – The Philippine maritime industry will undertake a massive academic testing of over 13,000 second year maritime students nationwide on February 12 jointly participated by 75 nautical and marine engineering colleges and over 100 manning companies.

The Maritime Students Assessment Program is a program to assess the cognitive skills of Filipino maritime sophomores in English, mathematics and technical subjects in marine transportation and engineering. It is now on its fourth staging since it was first held in 2005. MSAP is the only one of its kind in the world and is entirely managed and funded by a coalition of manning companies and maritime colleges led by the Philippine-Japan Manning Consultative Council (PJMCC).

According to Lea Aure of the PJMCC secretariat, the 2009 MSAP will involve 8,329 marine transportation and 5,069 marine engineering students enrolled in 75 maritime schools who have officially confirmed their participation. There are 92 licensed maritime colleges operating in the Philippines. This year’s participants are double the number of students covered by the industry test in 2008, which involved 4,370 marine transportation and 2,761 marine engineering sophomores. The test questions have been reviewed by an industry panel composed of master mariners, chief engineers and industry executives joined by foreign shipowners’ representatives. The test materials will be brought by 64 handpicked proctors from manning companies directly to the schools where the test will be conducted. As in previous MSAP exams, the test materials will be sealed and brought back to Manila for correction by a joint industry group under tight security to ensure the integrity of the process. MSAP focuses on second year maritime students in order to evaluate their potentials to become either officers or ratings as early as possible and enable the industry to undertake proactive interventions such as assistance to schools on faculty development, facilities and promotion to encourage more enrollments.

MSAP 2009 is organized by the associations belonging to the Joint Manning Group (JMG), which includes the Filipino Association for Mariners’ Employment (FAME), Philippine-Japan Manning Consultative Council (PJMCC), Philippine Association of Manning Agencies (PAMAS), International Maritime Association of the Philippines (INTERMAP) and the Filipino Shipowners Association (FSA). PJMCC is the lead association for this project. The Philippine Association of Maritime Institutions (PAMI) represents the maritime colleges in the undertaking.