SHANGHAI -- They used water cannons, self-made bombs, and beer bottles on the high sea to ward off an attack by Somali pirates.

Seafarers who fought pirates with beer bottles back in China; 'Firth of Clyde': ITF pleas for stranded Pinoy seafarers

  Posted by Admin on 30th of January 2009 02:20 pm                      Source Information: China

But it was their courage, more than the weapons, which kept the pirates at bay for four long hours in the Gulf of Aden. Help in the shape of two Malaysian warships and a helicopter did, of course, play the major part.

The 30 sailors who fought off the pirates on December 17 sailed into Shanghai on board Chinese cargo ship Zhenhua 4 Thursday. They returned home to the relief of their families and friends and a warm welcome from people around.

Thankfully, no one was injured in attack, said the 57-year-old captain, Peng Weiyuan.

"I think we did what we were supposed to do," Peng said. "To say we were not afraid at all would not be true. But we held on and that helped deter the pirates."

"All the sailors showed immense courage. I'm very proud of them," Peng said.

Nine pirates armed with rocket launchers and heavy machine guns boarded the ship at 12:43 pm (Beijing time) on Dec 17. The 30 sailors locked themselves in the cabins, using fire hydrants and self-made firebombs to keep the attackers at bay.